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Each single customer is different

Each business has its own rules played by entreprenuers relying on their expertises.
Our commitment is focused on increasing the productivity and quality of our customers' business processes. Understanding how the introduction or integration of new technologies would increase the productivity and profitability, but also how it would improve working conditions is our main subject of studying.

Cloud technology

Cloud technology

to access to softwares from any place and device

Web programs

Web programs

to ensure operational continuity even in critical situations



to minimize the initial investment, paying only the real usage

Optimize business processes

Optimize business processes

to increase productivity and quality.

Bartoletti Marco

Cofounder, Business Application Analyst, Software developer and Database administrator

30 years of experience in developing strategic software solutions in various business areas

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Marco Devoti

Cofounder and Project Coordinator

Thirty years of experience in the development of software solutions in various business areas and for twenty years in the management of development teams in the desktop and web fields. Database administrator.

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Davide Gardella

Software Developer

Thirty years' experience in developing software solutions for the shipping sector in desktop. Database administrator

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Daniele Biggi

Web Developer Specialist

Specializing in web development, he mainly deals with developing customized web-based software and applications in the maritime and administrative fields, in all its creation phases: from analysis, design, programming to product maintenance.

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Simone Argiolas

Web Developer Specialist

Web developer, for about 20 years he has been involved in the creation of websites and applications for various customers in the B2C and B2B field, after many collaborations from 2020 he joins the GeneSYS Informatica team

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Massimiliano Baldacci

Front End Developer

Front End Developer, he graduated in 2016, working then in B2B and Web Application sectors. From 2022 joined the GeneSys team.

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Enrico Costa Reghini

Web Developer Specialist

A young man of the '99 born and raised in Genoa, since childhood he has been strongly fascinated by anything related to the IT world: web, hardware, music and, more generally, everything that is crossed by electricity. During high school he came into contact with web programming languages, completing his studies as an audio technician and web developer. In 2023, he joined the GeneSYS team.

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Anjeza Hoxha

Computer Systems Help Desk

Software Developer, coming from a Computer Engineering background and a passion for technology , she joins the Genesys Informatica team in December 2023.

Arianna Pabis

Software Developer

Software Developer, "chased" by the Internet for a long time, she decided to study and make a job out of her years of self-doing-things on the World Wide Web. Still fond of learning, doesn't lack the patience required. She tries to remember everyone carries his own sorrow; she loves dogs, laughing out loud and everything card-making related.