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Business Intelligence, data advantaged

Commonly defined as the process of transforming corporate data into real time available strategic information, Business Intelligence lead corporate data into corporate assets.
At GeneSYS Informatica, we are so specialised in supporting this transformation that is the natural embedded added value in our business activities.

Find out how our solutions transform business data into strategic assets.

Achieving this goal through a series of targeted activities:

We create synergies between all involved stakeholders in the design of the data model. We create models that are always available, from any device with real time updates on easy-to-use interfaces.

Our solutions improve the speed of analysis, decision and reduce the time for action through insights (thanks to predictive values where possible).

Our goal is to develop a single and certified data source (Data Trust) to speed up the decision-making process of top and middle management and, consequently, optimize the workflow of the entire organization.

The results are impacting on:

Workflow optimization, control actvity, analysis, data availability, trend evaluation and insights creation."

Direct economic return: marginality analysis, credit management, commercial strategy development.

Indirect economic return: time saving for the workforce, always available and non-volatile data, cross-device readability

The data obtained from the business units that leverage on BI are way more meaningful. This is translated into a set of informations that revolutionizes the way of make analysis compared to static methods (usuallly less remunerative and more time consuming).

Business intelligence
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GeneSYS Informatica has acquired Comunico. Comunico is a nationwide company operating in the distribution of software solutions with highly innovative components; a service provided together with a high optimization of processes within two main business branches:

  • Business Intelligence (QlikView e QlikSense)
  • Project Management (distributore in Italia di diversi software leader di settore)

With this acquisition, GeneSYS Informatica consolidates its presence on the market with the prospect of becoming a the leader for customers in its core business (Marine & Industrial), but also targeting a wider range of services provided.

Actual business cases highlighted how, companies with well-structured Business Intelligence, have managed to improve their ability to analyze and evaluate their operations.

Acquisition and management of big data and data science, the availability of analytical software and benchmarking with competitors within their reference markets, are essential strategic assets for companies. This ease of use of the data available in real time and with infinite analysis criteria, drastically shortens, for example, the time required for a reaction when changes occured on the market. GeneSYS Informatica supports Comunico in its growth process, equipping it with the tools and the broad base of technological solutions already available.

Luca Marasi

Sales Representative and BI and Project Management Analyst

He got experience in various business areas, such as personal services, shipping, and food. For twenty years he has been dealing with decision support systems and data analysis

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Massimo Ciardella

BI, Data and Customer Insight Analyst

20 years experienced in development and db administration. He dedicated last 10 years in designing startegic and functional Business Intelligence models ,for various business areas , using Qlik platform (Qlikview and QlikSense)

Massimo Ciardella Linkedin

Carlo Menta

BI Data Architect

Management Engineer, since 2005 in Comunico Srl, he deals with Project Management and Business Intelligence. He is a certified Qlik developerand Qlik Data Architecht and has good knowledge of MS PowerBI and other BI tools

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