From the first meeting to the following milestones

The history of GeneSYS Informatica is a long sequence of meetings and turning points.
The first takes place in the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Genoa. It is 1986 when three young students who are passionate about computer science opted for their future in the development of new technologies. Four years later they founded the company, to which Fratelli Cosulich places the trust to guarantee the start-up and subsequent acquisition by the Group in 1993.

Our pioneering mindset has often led us to find and develop solutions ahead of time and on the market that have significantly improved the quality of our customers' work. This is what we have always done and, proudly, we continue to do every day.


From the meeting of three students from the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Genoa to the implementation of the first management software for accountants. Automating the management of depreciation of assets.

First mails servers setup for the first customer is Fratelli Cosulich. Thus are the premises to become part of the Cosulich Group.
In those years it was necessary to go to CEBIT in Hanover to see the demo of a Framework to develop in the Win32 environment and acquire an operation that has accompanied us for a decade. Or you had to go to Baltimore to purchase email software.
The management and shipping of the first BAPLIE from Genoa to Marseille is then developed and customers begin to need Novell networks > Microsoft BNC > Ethernet



1996 - Management of loading and unloading of containers with reception and dispatch of the Baplie in the container terminal of Naples
Creation of a server for sharing music on the corporate network (napster before napster even existed)
LINE - Shipping agency management software
1998 - Development of applications for the management of revenues of local public entities
1996 - Management of medical aids
1997 - Remote Desktop with Cuba
Applications for the management of medical analysis laboratories
Protocol application for document management

Implementation of a wan with more than 200 endpoints throughout the national territory
Collaboration with the Ligurian Tourism Authority for the management of presences in accommodation facilities
Management of conversion from EDI to flat file format for terminal container
Interfacing traditional PBX switchboards with databases implementation of a drive (DEFCON) on the CLOUD (which was not yet called that) to remotely save e
ncrypted files (a bit like dropbox)
Network FAX Sender
First uses of OCR techniques to automatically read postal bulletins



2.0 digitization of the Cosulich group, focusing on business processes 2010 - Complete management of depot, trucks, drivers and road and rail transport for a leading company (Sogester) network fax forwarding

3.0 digitization of the Cosulich group (all business processes) transition to WEB technology
The abundance of emails gave rise to the need to archive mail
Software for relationship management



Development AGents, Femo Bunker
First important non-group customers
2017 - Stabometric platform

In 2020, GeneSYS Informatica acquired the majority of Comunico S.r.l., a renowned company active in the business intelligence and project management field, to reinforce its position and create better synergies for their customers.



Three years later, in 2023, GeneSYS Informatica acquired the majority of Argenton & Soci S.r.l., a leading company active in the maritime satellite communications field, contributing both to an improvement in shipowning activity and in the scope of IT solutions.

Matteo Cosulich


Chairman of the Board of Directors for over 25 years

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Eugenio De Vena

Cofounder and Research & Development

After a promising start as a musician (French horn and classical guitar at the Conservatory), he enrolled in the Faculty of Information Sciences, leaving the music to outsider performances in Genoese clubs with electric guitars. In the early years, pioneers for IT, as a developer with his partner Marco B. he found those solutions defined as "Eugenial" including: fax management by driving Zyxel modems, Novell's MHS e-mail gateways, an application that monitored the network status by communicating anomalies to a pager, a Novell network analyzer (the first Genesys product sold on the Internet), the remote control of a Clipper program through X25 packet-switched serial lines as well as an encrypted remote storage with smartcard Get in touch with the Fratelli Cosulich Group, at the informal request of Capt Antono Cosulich, declaring himself perfectly capable of maintaining and expanding a program in Clipper, installed on an IBM PC of Fratelli Cosulich, despite never having had any contact with that technology . Switch from educational programming languages ​​to complex operational ones such as DB3, Clipper, C ++.

GSY FACTOR: He is the founder of a group of environmental volunteers called "A thousand trees project" whose purpose is to reforest Monte Moro, has one photographic studio at Villa Bombrini and delights in the search for grammatical and syntactic errors. In his spare time he continues to play when they leave him.

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Bartoletti Marco

Cofounder, Business Application Analyst, Software developer and Database administrator

His passion for programming begins in high school with a basic course on apple II. Since University of Computer Science still not yet existed, he opts for mathematics application address focusing on computer science exams. He develops a specific passionf for the creation of database engines. Together with his friends Eugenio and Marco, he found the GeneSYS Informatica Snc company. During first years are characterized by research and experimentation. Those are appreciated by the Cosulich group, whereas his solutions allow the company to move from the typewriter to the web. Understanding the business, developing processes and creating applications that improve work is always his goal, coordinating software and web development. Work does not bore him and constantly evolving technologies are a stimulus. GSY FACTOR: Going to concerts, traveling, reading, eating and drinking well.

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Davide Gardella

Software Developer

Diploma in industrial computer expert obtained in 1986, he began working in the maritime sector first as a clerk in the payroll office, then as an operator for the agency's export documentation. He continues his career as a software developer for the creation of a management software for container shipments and various goods for shipping agencies. For several years he has been the head of the "Line" project, a software developed entirely in-house for the management of the operations of the maritime agencies of the Fratelli Cosulich Group.

GSY FACTOR: Only the noise of the engines can attract him more than a software development.

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Simonetta Fasce

Office and Real Estate Manager

He graduated in Accounting and business expert in 1985 and immediately began his career in a dynamic way. Her enthusiasm and desire to learn lead her on her initial professional path to the continuous discovery of new sectors. She then matures experiences in various activities, from a trichological laboratory to a law firm where she follows an important pilot project, in concert with the Ministry of Cultural Heritage for the eidomatic reconstruction of the City of Genoa. You continue in the engineering field, in an industrial automation company, where you deal with all business branches, from the administrative area, to then move on to the research and development area, arriving at the management. Since 1996 she has been an active member of the GeneSYS team where her ability to work in a team, tackling problems quickly and resolutely, leads her to be the problem-solver par excellence. GSY FACTOR: she Can't escape her watchful eye.

Maurizio Costa Reghini

Administration officer

After few years in the role as accountants, he entered the world of shipping at a maritime agency During his professional experience he specialized in the total management of the administrative and financial part of the company, joining the Fratelli Cosulich Group in the early 2000s. So far, he has been the key man for administration and finance at GSY.

GSY FACTOR: Traveling by motorcycle on his BMW GS and taking pictures

Yuri Salpietro

Network and Computer Systems Help Desk

The passion for personal computers began at a young age and despite a third place in the ranking for access to the Faculty of Motor Sciences, he abandoned the path taken to return to the world of information technology. He then attended various Unix and Windows courses and in 2003 joined an IT company, Nextworld Srl where, in addition to following the technical part, he began to make installations for Fastweb in the small business field.After having become familiar with the installations, he was then assigned to Corporate and Large account customers, in the meantime he was hired by Cartesia Progetti, a company that provides technological infrastructures, well known in the Ligurian territory. In 2007, during a maintenance intervention at a customer, he met Eugenio De Vena, who proposed him to join Genesys Informatica.

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Giordano Perri

IT Manager

After graduating in Electronic Engineering, he began working at Sirio Infotech Spa, an ISP from Savona as Network Engineer in 1999. He deals with ISP - Customer network connections and management of the Autonomous System and Windows / Linux servers present in the Datacenter and at clients. In 2005, for TNT Post (now Nexive) he held a role as Network Manager dealing with the design, implementation and management of the MPLS network which included 50 national branches, the internal Datacenter at the main plant and the Datacenter at IDC Telecom as well as the management of all Linux servers present. In 2009, for Postel SPA he began to deal with Internal Auditing relating to the implementation at the IT level of all the Standard Security Policies, as well as all the Security Testing (VA and PT) parts of the IT infrastructure. In 2012 he joined GeneSYS Informatica, as IT Manager, covering the role of Head of Corporate Information Systems and of the IT support group.

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Valerio De Conciliis

Network and Computer Systems Help Desk

His path as a computer scientist and "technomancer" takes shape in the first 9 years of his life. It was started by his paternal grandfather, a retired doctor and technology enthusiast, who bought a Commodore64 in the early 1980s with which he taught him to read and write. He continues his studies at the computer engineering faculty of Federico II in Naples, which he suspends after a few years to take care of the IT department of the Union of Industrialists of Naples for almost 10 years. In the same years, he founded two companies in the IT and renewable resources fields. At the beginning of 2012 he met the construction manager of what would later become the new headquarters of F.lli Cosulich in Naples. From May 2012 in force at Genesys Informatica S.r.l. and deals with the systems, help desk, coordinating maintenance or expansion of systems, home automation.

GSY factor: The thought of him: "everything can be fixed, I just need to make a small change"

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Massimo Ciardella

BI, Data and Customer Insight Analyst

In 1998, two days after his degree in Mathematics, he started working for Premuda S.p.A. developing programs for business statistics and performance and installing on board ships, hardware and software to communicate with the main office. In 2000, he joined Ignazio Messina & C.S.p.A, with the responsibility of redefining the program for personal management, company statistics as well as coaching and implementing the modules for management control and related database management. He also begins to deal with BI, from Cloud to Qlikview, integrating statistics and management control in a single interactive analytical model. Since 2015 in GeneSys, his experience in BI is at the service of many activities, developing models ranging from operational to administrative or in combination. GSY FACTOR: When listening to a playlist or an album, I never skip a song.

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Daniele Biggi

Web Developer Specialist

He approaches web programming in 2016 during an internship at a small Genoese Software House. His great interest and desire to know more and more the new computer languages, together with the know-how acquired, despite his young age, led him in 2018 to join the web development team of Genesys Informatica alongside one of the founders, Marco Bartoletti.

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Marco Devoti

Cofounder and Project Coordinator

After graduating in Mathematics in 1993, he devoted himself for years to the implementation of information systems in various fields: Biomedical, Maritime and for the management of Revenue of Public Administrations. The professional path led him to the direction of various projects in the IT and Supply Chain fields (through a spin off of the University of Parma) and therefore to acquire good experience in management and administration, program management and management of human resources. She rejoins the GSY team during 2019 where she is dedicated to Projects management, compliance and software development.

GSY FACTOR: Two great passions: making things work (whether mechanisms, software or human relationships) and roaming around in the woods of his childhood as soon as the morning mist clears.

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Luca Marasi

Sales Representative and BI and Project Management Analyst

Graduated in 1984, he began working in the family business. Upon returning from military service he embarks on the path as an accountant at the Davidson / Eurosei group and then becomes an installer of accounting management systems. He moves from the sector, shipowning maritime, to the Carboflotta group of Genoa in the administration office where he remains for another 3 years, to then move to the General Conserve of Genoa in the commercial field. During this last addiction experience, he founded Comunico srl with 2 other partners, where up to now he has played the role of Administrator with technical and then commercial duties. In 2005 he was the founder of a new company specializing in data analysis and business intelligence DCI Lab and in 2008 of an add-on development company for QlikView in Ireland. Through Comunico he collaborated with GSY for several years, until the acquisition of the same by the FC Group.

GSY FACTOR: Happiness is reached by rowing.

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Carlo Menta

BI Data Architect

Born in 1979. Graduated in Management Engineering by the University of Genoa in 2005 with a thesis on Business Reengineering and Business Intelligence. In the same year he obtained the state exam. He is then hired by Comunico Srl in which he carries out the tasks of trainer and developer of projects related to both Business Intelligence and Project Management, mainly on linear infrastructure planning. In the Business Intelligence field, since 2008, Comunico became a Qlik Partner and began to develop projects for different customers in different business areas: retail, maritime, logistics, production, with this technology. In 2014 he got the first Qlikview certification and in 2019 Qlik Sense one. In 2020 Comunico Srl joins GeneSYS.

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Matteo Avenoso

Marketing Coordinator

His first encounter with computers takes place, when still unable to read and write, copying inputs of DOS left on a paper-sheet by his father to launch the game "Monkey Island". Since he was a boy he was determined to work in a international corporate context. He first obtained a master's degree in advanced macroeconomics and then a master's in international management in the UK. He access to the professional world throughFCA, where he holds the role of EMEA Product Marketing Manager for the Jeep Compass model. He arrives in the Fratelli Cosulich Group in the parent company where he helps develop internal cost analyzes, business plans and marketing. Since 2019 he coordinates the marketing activities of the group companies and not.

GSY FACTOR: He loves to create complex automatised excel that are nicknamed "grinders".

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Marinella Michelini

Graphic Design Specialist

Born in 1981 in Genoa. Graduated in Communication Design at Politecnico di Milano in 2006, she has initially worked for some agencies before founding in 2010 Mintlab. A creative network where she operates as indipendent freelancer focusing on visual communication. As Art Director she manages the communication for both B2B and B2C companies, for public events among which Festival della Scienza, MAR di Aosta. She is able to create projects for several goals: from brand identity to graphic, from phisical events to websites. In 2020, after a fruitful long collaboration with Genesys, she has become now part of the team.

GSY FACTOR: Her books on shelves are set with a chromatically order

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Simone Argiolas

Web Developer Specialist

His passion for technology began in 1986, when he tried to learn the basic, following the instructions from the manual book of the Commodore 64. He attended ITIS learning the basics of computer science and programming: from prolog to C ++. After two years at the computer science faculty of the University of Genoa, in 2001, he was called for an internship at the then Marconi Mobile, starting his career as a programmer. During his professional experience, he developed a solid interest for the development of websites for both private and public companies. After several years of collaboration with the Fratelli Cosulich Group he joins the GSY team in 2020

GSY FACTOR: He has to use them for work, but he hates social networks, don't look for him on Facebook because you won't find him.

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Paola Onorato

Graphic Designer

Born and raised in Genova, she studied in Milan among those big and vertical buildings also called skyscrapers. After graduating in Communication design, she returned to her hometown, where she got in touch with GeneSYS. There she discovered that many problems can be solved by ‘filling by content’. Traveling from desk to desk, she always had three things with her: a graphic tablet, a notebook, and a bottle of water.

GSY FACTOR: If she starts a book, she must finish it even if she does not like it.

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Alex Dobrea

Help Desk

Born in Romania in 1999, he became passionate about technology when he was a kid, thanks to his first computer with Windows XP. At school, he studied IT and telecommunications, starting to know the first programming languages such as Java and C++. In his free time, he enjoys fixing and modifying computers and phones with his friends. After finishing his studies, he gained experience abroad, starting work in London, where he has the opportunity to improve his English skills. Since 2022, he joined the GeneSYS team in the role of Help Desk.

GSY FACTOR: some things can be fixed even before they break.

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Massimiliano Baldacci

Front End Developer

He has always been fascinated by technology and art, so much that as a child he created an animated story on PowerPoint, enriching it with various “pixel art” done with Paint. In 2011 he took action, and, in 2013, after he approached the web world, he started creating his own web portfolio called “”. After graduating in 2016, he immediately started actively working as Front End Developer. In 2022, he joined the Genesys team with the same job position.

GSY FACTOR: Undoubtedly a man of the world, even if he does not give up a Saturday night in front of the monitor but certainly with some snacks with him. His best joke: what is the height of being a fish? Being water-soluble.

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Enrico Costa Reghini

Web Developer Specialist

Born and raised in Genoa, a young man of '99 since childhood strongly attracted to everything related to the world of information technology: web, hardware, music and, more generally, everything crossed by eletricity. During high school he began working with web programming languages, creating a videogame ranking site. In the meantime, in his free time, he experimented with the world of graphics and modelling, using software such as Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D, managing to run them on a high-powered Dual Core laptop with no less than 4GB of RAM. He completed his studies as an audio technician and web programmer. In 2023, he joined the GeneSYS Informatica team.

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