From the first meeting to the following milestones

The history of GeneSYS Informatica is a long sequence of meetings and turning points.
The first takes place in the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Genoa. It is 1986 when three young students who are passionate about computer science opted for their future in the development of new technologies. Four years later they founded the company, to which Fratelli Cosulich places the trust to guarantee the start-up and subsequent acquisition by the Group in 1993.

Our pioneering mindset has often led us to find and develop solutions ahead of time and on the market that have significantly improved the quality of our customers' work. This is what we have always done and, proudly, we continue to do every day.


From the meeting of three students from the Faculty of Mathematics of the University of Genoa to the implementation of the first management software for accountants. Automating the management of depreciation of assets.

First mails servers setup for the first customer is Fratelli Cosulich. Thus are the premises to become part of the Cosulich Group.
In those years it was necessary to go to CEBIT in Hanover to see the demo of a Framework to develop in the Win32 environment and acquire an operation that has accompanied us for a decade. Or you had to go to Baltimore to purchase email software.
The management and shipping of the first BAPLIE from Genoa to Marseille is then developed and customers begin to need Novell networks > Microsoft BNC > Ethernet



1996 - Management of loading and unloading of containers with reception and dispatch of the Baplie in the container terminal of Naples
Creation of a server for sharing music on the corporate network (napster before napster even existed)
LINE - Shipping agency management software
1998 - Development of applications for the management of revenues of local public entities
1996 - Management of medical aids
1997 - Remote Desktop with Cuba
Applications for the management of medical analysis laboratories
Protocol application for document management

Implementation of a wan with more than 200 endpoints throughout the national territory
Collaboration with the Ligurian Tourism Authority for the management of presences in accommodation facilities
Management of conversion from EDI to flat file format for terminal container
Interfacing traditional PBX switchboards with databases implementation of a drive (DEFCON) on the CLOUD (which was not yet called that) to remotely save e
ncrypted files (a bit like dropbox)
Network FAX Sender
First uses of OCR techniques to automatically read postal bulletins



2.0 digitization of the Cosulich group, focusing on business processes 2010 - Complete management of depot, trucks, drivers and road and rail transport for a leading company (Sogester) network fax forwarding

3.0 digitization of the Cosulich group (all business processes) transition to WEB technology
The abundance of emails gave rise to the need to archive mail
Software for relationship management



Development AGents, Femo Bunker
First important non-group customers
2017 - Stabometric platform