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From the IT to the outside

In over 30 years of business, we have expanded our knowledge and our range of actions thanks and with our customers, their constant growth and their confidence that we have granted over time.

At the beginning we created exclusively on demand software, based on customer requirements and system infrastructures (networks and servers). Today we are involved in the management of offices setup and environment rinovation, designed to meet customer requirements: from acquisition to restructuring, the choice of furniture design, from home automation to improving energy efficiency consulting in corporate compliance we supply our expertise.

Simonetta Fasce

Office and Real Estate Manager

Since 1996 when she joined the company with a role as administrative secretary, she is now a member of the board of directors. Responsible for all organizational aspects of the office, for purchasing activities and personell management. Since 2010, she is actively involved in the real estate assets management for the entire group.

Eugenio De Vena

Cofounder and Research & Development

Co-founder and member of the Board of Directors, for 20 years developer (Assembler / Fortran / Pascal / C / C ++ / DB3 / Clipper / PHP), systems engineer (CPM / DOS / Linux / Windows) for another 20 years. Currently he is involved in the Research sector and Development, home automation, renewables, 3D and "more than IT"

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Maurizio Costa Reghini

Administration officer

With over 30 years of experience inside companies operating at international level, he manages all administrative, financial and bureacrautic aspetcs for GeneSYS Informatica